Resume of JIA BEI

  • Graduated from Xiamen University and gained master’s degree in 2001
    Teaching in Capital University of Economic and Business at present
    Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing Width-3, 2010
    Solo exhibition in 798ArtDist-A Art Center of Beijing in 2014
    Gained bronze medal in Nanjing International Art Festival in 2014
    Solo exhibition in Beijing-Great River Museum in 2015
    Art Exhibition of Instinct Tendency in Museum of Contemporary Art-Wenzhou in 2015  
    Finalist of John Moores Painting Prize (China) in Minsheng Museum in Shanghai in 2016 
    Exhibition tour of Independent Character Nomination in Beijing, Ningbo and Nanning in 2016.
    The Joint Exhibition of Misreading Art History in Mountain and Sea Museum Beijing in 2017
    Solo exhibition in Liuzhou W gallery in2018
    The Joint Exhibition of The Different Reality in Beijing ONE gallery in 2019

The flourishing appearance conceals boundless barrenness in which we rejoice riotously out of our anxieties. – Such is my impression of this era. I want my works to represent crisis as well as the conflicts and entanglements that are widespread in the contemporary psyche. I also hope to express in a metaphorical manner my deep concerns for the tragedy.